current live projects

solo A/V

Billy Roisz @ WOW! SIGNAL 2018

Billy Roisz live at LUFF 2018

Bass & TV Dining, live@echoraum/Vienna from billy roisz on Vimeo.

TWIXT (/w dieb13 )
a new duo-project of Billy Roisz and Dieter Kovačič a.k.a. dieb13, bringing together their works as film directors and their activities as live musicians.

CILANTRO (/w Angelica Castello ) – Angelica Castello: recorders, electronics | Billy Roisz: audible video devices

THE ELKS (/w Kai Fagaschinski, Liz Allbee, Marta Zapparoli)


Marta Zapparoli & Billy Roisz – diy electronics, tapes, bass, microphones, and more.


kern/roisz (DD Kern – drums / Billy Roisz – bass guit + electronics)

ONA (/w Ilpo Väisänen)

Ilpo Väisänen|Billy Roisz @ baumarktmusik/quOjochoe/Linz – 10/11