Billy Roisz
Walking The Monkey

editions mego LP 158

solo debut album – more info here
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The Elks

Bat English

Marta Zapparoli / Liz Allbee / Kai Fagaschinski / Billy Roisz

“Bat English” is the second album by The Elks, coming out as a fast and sweet limited tape release. Next up for the Elks is their soon-to-be-released debut album “This Is Not The Ant” (CD on Mikroton Recordings in Autumn 2017).

Angelica Castello & Billy Roisz

mikroton cd 53 [release: march 2017]

more info here.

dieb13, Angelica Castello, Burkhard Stangl, Billy Roisz – they all play a KTL composition by dieb13.

mikroton cd 30 [release: may 2014]

more info here.

scuba#1 scuba#2

Silvia Faessler & Billy Roisz

editions mego CD d]001 [release 2008]

skylla#1 skylla#2

gdansk queen
image: Billy Roisz, sound: Toshimaru Nakamura

erstwhile records DVD 048 [release 2006]

avva#1 avva#2

Burkhard Stangl, Boris Hauf, Martin Siewert, dieb13, Billy Roisz

hatOLOGY CD 623 [release 2006]

krom#1 krom#2



various artists / mikroton digital compilation compiled by Kurt Liedwart

Sound Canvas 2 | Compilation of sound art, minimal and experimental music

/w a.o. Angélica Castelló, Billy Roisz, Jin Sangte, ….

more here and listen & buy @ bandcamp


Mats Gustafsson & friends

Trost Records 2016

/w The Thing & Ken Vandermark, Fire!, Fake The Facts, RISC, Swedish Azz, and many others

FEEDBACK: Order From Noise

mikroton cd 33/34 dvd 35 [release: dec 2014]

/w Knut Aufermann, Xentos Fray Bentos, Nicolas Collins, Alvin Lucier, Toshimaru Nakamura, Billy Roisz, Sarah Washington, Otomo Yoshihide.

all tracks and videos recorded live during the FEEDBACK: Order From Noise – UK Tour 2004.

more info here.


KLINGT.ORG – 10 Jahre Bessere Farben

various KLINGT:ORG artists, a.o. dieb13, Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl, Klaus Filip, noid, SKYLLA, CILANTRO, Anat Stainberg, Mats Gustaffson, eriKm,….

mikroton CD 516 [release 2010]

KO#1 KO#2


various Austrian video artists – a.o. Billy Roisz, Manual Knapp, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, …

contains NOT STILL – a video by Billy Roisz, sound: dieb13 & eRikm (2008)

index DVD 034 [release 2008]


The Gift of Sound and Vision

various Austrian video & sound artists

contains -2:20 – a video by Billy Roisz, sound by dieb13

hoanzl DVD H421 [release 2007]

standard_dvd#1 standard_dvd#2

SONIC ACTS XI – The Anthology of Computer Art

various media artist – a.o. Bart Vegter, Bas van Kolwijk, Karl Klomp, NTSC, …

contains the video BYE BYE ONE by NotTheSameColor (dieb13 & Billy Roisz)

not for sale!

sonicacts#1 sonicacts#2

SONIC FICTION – Synaesthetic Videos from Austria

various Austrian video artists – a.o. LIA, Kik Thoenen, [n:ja], Billy Roisz, Michaela Grill, …

contains the video blinq by Billy Roisz

index DVD014 [release 2004]



BOOK & RECORD released by Jimmy Draht & CHARHIZMA 019

turntable artists: eRikm, dieb13, I-sound, Martin NG, Otomo Yoshihide
comic artists: Batia Kolton, Billy Roisz, CX Huth, Gerda Raidt, Jan Kruse, Jim Avignon, LEO,
Markus Huber, Oliver Grajtewski, Sabine Timm

platte#1 platte#2 platte#3

and some more …